A Round with Steve and Cole

Barstool Politics

December 14, 2017

Welcome Back Faithful Listeners!

As the political landscape shifts drastically across the nation, New Orleans has elected Latoya Cantrell as our first female mayor. Counicilperson Cantrell has been active for years, bringing about change to a city that she clearly cares deeply about. It's an exciting time, and all of us here in NOLA are anxiously awaiting to see what changes are coming.

To shed some light on this, John Pourciau joins us to talk about his experiences in politics and the work that he has done as Mayor Elect Cantrell's City Council Chief of Staff.

In the second half of the show, the three of us are joined by Derrick Freeman, a modern day renaissance man here in New Orleans. Among other skills, Derrick is an extremely talented musician. We're such big fans that we made one of his songs the theme music to this show! Derrick brings important perspective from someone who is not just a musician but also a long time citizen of New Orleans.

Anywho, I know they say not to talk about politics in a bar, but we're going to break that dumb rule. As always, thanks for tuning in.