A Round with Steve and Cole

Going All Gin

November 29, 2017

Welcome Back Faithful Listeners!

Another fresh, tasty episode is here for you to enjoy. Our topic this week is gin, but from two very different perspectives.

In the first half of our show, Fred Parent joins us to talk about his role as brand ambassador for Hendrick's gin. Fred is no stranger to bartending and has honed his craft over the years in New York City. We get the chance to pick his brain about what it's like making the transition from the bar to brand work, as well as get his perspective on the role of a modern brand ambassador in the liquor industry.

Gus and Ed Haik join us in the second half of our show to chat about what it's like to be on the forefront of the boom in craft distilling in New Orleans. The Haik brothers own and operate Cajun Spirits and produce several great products including 3rd Ward Gin.

Anywho, pour yourself some gin for the win and enjoy this week's episode. Thanks as always for tuning in!