A Round with Steve and Cole

Vodka Pays the Bills

April 27, 2018

Welcome Back Faithful Listners!

Some of y'all might not be aware, but there are many instances in the liquor industry the companies producing and selling spirits make extended efforts to give back to local communities. Among these initiatives is the (relatively) local Cathead Vodka, which, since its creation, has made sure to support local charitable organizations for musicians wherever their products are sold.

Here in New Orleans, Candace Frosch is the face of the Cathead brand. Candace, many head bartenders' favorite brand representative, is a local who was always passionate about the food and beverage industry. She fell into an internship with Cathead while in college and has been helping them grow their brand ever since.

The local charity supported by Cathead is the New Orleans Musician Assisstane Fund. NOMAF's mission is to support the health and wellness of musicians as well as anyone who works to support the thriving New Orleans nightlife scene. Erica Dudas joins us to discuss her role at NOMAF as well as the many great initiatives championed by this organization.

Anywho, thanks for tuning in as always! We'll catch you soon.


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