A Round with Steve and Cole

What’s Your Real Job?

March 28, 2018

Welcome Back Faithful Listeners!

I hope y'all didn't miss us too badly.

On this episode, we explore two aspects of two different jobs in the service industry and discuss the perception and dual nature of each job. Do help us navigate those dualities, we (fittingly) have two guests shedding light on navigating both sides.

First, we have well known cocktail whisperer Nick Jarrett. Having worked at some extremely well regarded cocktail bars in New York City, Nick moved to New Orleans to work at the bastion of late night dive bars: The Saint. He would soon supplement this by working at Cure, striking a balance between making "fancy" cocktails and molding the controlled chaos that can be found at The Saint on a typical weekend.

Our second guest, Angie Zeiderman, is a burlesque dancer and singer who moved to New Orleans to participate in our wonderful burlesque scene. The costs of participating in the burlesque world and living in the French Quarter being substantial, Angie decided to try her hand at stripping on Bourbon St to ensure that she could make it work. As it turns out, she likes the job a lot and it allows her to be more successful in her other endeavors.

Personally, I found this episode fascinating and enjoyed drawing parellels between different corners of the service industry. There's a lot more in common with these pursuits then one may initially think, and in the end we're all doing the same thing: providing a service and experience in exchange for money.

So sit back and enjoy! We're glad to have you back and will definitely catch you soon.


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